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Using Rfam Cloud for teaching

Rfam Cloud has been successfully used in a three-month masters level RNA bioinformatics course at Paris-Saclay University under the supervision of Prof Daniel Gautheret. Eight teams of three graduate students used Rfam Cloud to build RNA families. Each team was assigned one candidate sequence to initiate the family building process. The students used Rfam Cloud at their own pace and produced 6 new Rfam families (RF03530, RF03531, RF03532, RF03533, RF03534, RF03535, and RF03536). View course slides →

Contact Rfam if you would like to hold a course using Rfam Cloud.


Where is Rfam Cloud hosted?

Rfam Cloud is hosted by the EMBASSY cloud platform provided by EMBL-EBI.

Can I see the code?

Rfam Cloud uses Docker and Kubernetes to run the family building pipeline. All code is available on GitHub.

Why do I need to request an account?

Rfam Cloud is a computationally expensive pipeline wherein users share limited resources. The Rfam team prioritises access to the pipeline and ensures that it is used for its intended purpose.