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Family: EBER2 (RF02712)

Description: Epstein-Barr virus EBER2


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Literature references

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Seed source Quinones-Olvera N
Structure source Published; PMID:25662012
Type Gene; sRNA;
Author Quinones-Olvera NORCID logo
Alignment details
Alignment Number of
full 3
seed 3

Model information

Build commands
cmbuild -F CM SEED
cmcalibrate --mpi CM
Search command
cmsearch --cpu 4 --verbose --nohmmonly -T 30.00 -Z 549862.597050 --mxsize 128 CM SEQDB
Gathering cutoff 125.0
Trusted cutoff 125.7
Noise cutoff 75.5
Covariance model Download