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Family: suhB (RF00519)

Description: Makes More Granules Regulator RNA (mmgR)



This family is a member of clan (CL00108), which contains the following 2 members:

ar15 suhB

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Motif matches

There are 4 motifs which match this family.

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Original order Motif Accession Motif Description Number of Hits Fraction of Hits Sum of Bits Image
7 RM00008 GNRA tetraloop 35 0.402 388.2 Match Image
7 RM00022 Rho independent terminator 1 72 0.828 1153.1 Match Image
7 RM00023 Rho independent terminator 2 81 0.931 1185.2 Match Image
7 RM00029 UNCG tetraloop 38 0.437 474.1 Match Image


This section shows the database cross-references that we have for this Rfam family.

Literature references

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Seed source Barrick JE
Structure source Predicted; Barrick JE
Type Gene; sRNA;
Author Barrick JE
Alignment details
Alignment Number of
full 940
seed 87

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cmcalibrate --mpi CM
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cmsearch --cpu 4 --verbose --nohmmonly -T 19.00 -Z 549862.597050 CM SEQDB
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Noise cutoff 40.7
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