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Rfam Help

Help Summary

Rfam documentation is available at http://rfam.readthedocs.org.

How to contact Rfam

Contact Rfam

You can find the email address for the Rfam helpdesk at the bottom of every page. We use a request tracking system to monitor emails to Rfam, so you should receive an automated response to your email, letting you know that the system has logged your mail and notified us of its arrival.

Xfam blog

The Rfam group contributes to the Xfam blog. The blog is used to announce releases, new features and important changes to Rfam, as well as for posts discussing general issues surrounding the Rfam resource. You can see blog posts that are specific to Rfam here.

RSS feed

You can keep in touch with the latest goings by subscribing to the RSS feed from the Xfam blog.

You can follow the Xfam team at EMBL-EBI.

Submit an alignment

We're happy to receive updated or improved alignments for new or existing families. Submit your alignment and we'll take a look.