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Clan: FinP-traJ (CL00016)


FinP-traJ clan

The FinP-traJ clan contains the RNA families FinP and traJ_5. Homology between these families has been established in the published literature [1]. The following bioinformatic methods were used to confirm the relationship between these families: CMSEARCH and PRC [2,3].

This clan contains 2 families and the total number of sequence regions in the clan is 19.

Literature references

  1. van Biesen T, Soederbom F, Wagner EG, Frost LS, Mol Microbiol. 1993;10:35-43.: Structural and functional analyses of the FinP antisense RNA regulatory system of the F conjugative plasmid. 7526120
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This clan contains the following 2 member families:

FinP traJ_5

Secondary structures

This tool allows you to view the secondary structure images of two clan members side-by-side. Choose the family structures using the two drop-down menus below.


The table below shows the number of occurrences of each family throughout the sequence database. In brackets beside each number is the percentage of the total number of sequence hits for the clan that are represented by this family. The rightmost column provides a link to the alignments tab for each family.

Rfam family Num. regions Alignment
traJ_5 (RF00243) 8 (42.1%) View
FinP (RF00107) 11 (57.9%) View