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Motif: tandem-GA (RM00021)

Description: Tandem GA/AG loop


Wikipedia annotation Edit Wikipedia article

The Rfam group coordinates the annotation of Rfam data in Wikipedia. This motif is described by a Wikipedia entry entitled Internal loop. More...

Internal-loops (also termed interior loops) in RNA are found where the double stranded RNA separates due to no Watson-Crick base pairing between the nucleotides. Internal-loops differ from Stem-loops as they occur in middle of a stretch of double stranded RNA. The non-canonicoal residues result in the double helix becoming distorted due to unwinding, unstacking and kinking.

Internal-loops can be classified as either symmetrical or asymmetrical, with some asymmetrical internal-loops, also known as bulges. Many important structural motifs are composed of internal loops such as the C-loop,[1] the docking-elbow,[2] kink-turns (k-turn),[3][4] the right-angle,[5] the sarcin/ricin loops (also called bulged-G motifs),[6][7][8] the twist-up motif[9] and the UAA/GAN internal loop motif.[10]


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Family matches

There are 32 Rfam families which match this motif.

This section shows the families which have been annotated with this motif. Users should be aware that the motifs are structural constructs and do not necessarily conform to taxonomic boundaries in the way that Rfam families do. More...

Original order Family Accession Family Description Number of Hits Fraction of Hits Sum of Bits Image
3 RF00049 Small nucleolar RNA SNORD36 7 0.119 80.0 Match Image
3 RF00152 Small nucleolar RNA SNORD79 4 0.143 49.2 Match Image
3 RF00198 SL1 RNA 3 0.107 35.0 Match Image
3 RF00205 Small nucleolar RNA R41 2 0.286 23.4 Match Image
3 RF00230 T-box leader 44 0.917 1653.9 Match Image
3 RF00231 Small Cajal body specific RNA 13 2 0.083 22.7 Match Image
3 RF00267 Small nucleolar RNA R64/Z200 family 13 0.929 294.1 Match Image
3 RF00289 Small nucleolar RNA SNORD104 13 0.722 240.0 Match Image
3 RF00325 Small nucleolar RNA SNORD53/SNORD92 6 0.162 67.7 Match Image
3 RF00329 Small nucleolar RNA Z162 6 0.667 77.9 Match Image
3 RF00447 Voltage-gated potassium-channel Kv1.4 IRES 6 1.000 91.9 Match Image
3 RF00488 Yeast U1 spliceosomal RNA 3 0.600 38.7 Match Image
3 RF00537 Small nucleolar RNA Me28S-Am2634 2 0.111 23.2 Match Image
3 RF00584 Small nucleolar RNA SNORD105 7 0.467 75.3 Match Image
3 RF00612 Small nucleolar RNA SNORD75 2 0.400 24.2 Match Image
3 RF00886 microRNA MIR807 4 0.133 44.4 Match Image
3 RF01069 purD RNA motif 2 0.095 21.6 Match Image
3 RF01133 Small nucleolar RNA sR3 5 0.263 53.7 Match Image
3 RF01139 Small nucleolar RNA sR2 2 0.250 21.9 Match Image
3 RF01170 Small nucleolar RNA U61 2 0.250 27.8 Match Image
3 RF01209 Small nucleolar RNA snR76 2 0.133 20.3 Match Image
3 RF01245 Small nucleolar RNA snR9 2 0.400 20.8 Match Image
3 RF01422 small nucleolar RNA snoR116 2 0.400 21.4 Match Image
3 RF01662 Caenorhabditis snoRNA ceN89 4 1.000 52.1 Match Image
3 RF01845 Early nodulin 40 4 0.114 50.6 Match Image
3 RF01959 Archaeal small subunit ribosomal RNA 9 0.105 108.4 Match Image
3 RF01960 Eukaryotic small subunit ribosomal RNA 24 0.264 346.6 Match Image
3 RF02111 IS009 2 0.182 20.2 Match Image
3 RF02540 Archaeal large subunit ribosomal RNA 22 0.242 282.7 Match Image
3 RF02541 Bacterial large subunit ribosomal RNA 75 0.735 1600.2 Match Image
3 RF02542 Microsporidia small subunit ribosomal RNA 13 0.283 184.5 Match Image
3 RF02543 Eukaryotic large subunit ribosomal RNA 46 0.523 695.9 Match Image


This section shows the database cross-references that we have for this Rfam motif.

Literature references

  1. Gautheret D, Konings D, Gutell RR J Mol Biol. 1994;242:1-8. A major family of motifs involving G.A mismatches in ribosomal RNA. PUBMED:8078068

  2. Cruz JA, Westhof E Nat Methods. 2011;8:513-21. Sequence-based identification of 3D structural modules in RNA with RMDetect. PUBMED:21552257

Curation and motif details

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Seed source Published; PMID:9784367
Structure source N/A
Type Internal Loop
Author Gardner PP
Alignment details
Alignment Number of
Average length Sequence
identity (%)
seed 74 68.28 42

Model information

Build commands
cmbuild -F tandem-CM tandem-SEED
cmcalibrate --mpi --seed 1 tandem-CM
Gathering cutoff 15.0
Covariance model Download the Infernal CM for the motif here